Why Life Insurance ??

WHY LIFE INSURANCE? People generally don’t like to talk about things they don’t fully understand. Life insurance, with its own vocabulary and actuarially derived values, might fit into that category. And yet this product can be vitally important to a family’s financial well being. This brochure provides a brief introduction to life insurance and hopefully answers some questions that may be on your mind about this valuable financial tool. The focus will be on: • What is life insurance? • Who needs it? • Which type is best? • How much is enough?


 We help Clients sign-up for Medicare initially when they are turning age 65.  We will help them navigate and find the best Medicare Plan for them.  We are contracted with many carriers- to help with Medicare Supplements and Prescription Drug Plans and Medicare Advantage Plans. 
We help answer questions concerning Medicare - there are so many moving parts to Medicare and it can be confusing.

Health Insurance 

We can help with Health Insurance both on the ACA Exchange ( income based) and Private Health Insurance.  

Types of Life Insurance 

Permanent insurance (e.g., whole life) provides lifetime death benefit protection at a guaranteed level premium. Since cash value may be non-existent or build slowly in the early years, this type of policy should only be purchased if it is intended to be kept for an extended period of time. As cash values accumulate, they can be borrowed against for a variety of needs*. Term insurance also provides death benefit protection. Although premiums may be lower than premiums for permanent insurance in the early years, they are generally greater in the later years of the policy and may become unaffordable. Over time, portions of term insurance can be converted** to permanent insurance. You can also purchase a combination of permanent and term insurance.


Meet Our Owner: 

Nomi King Elliott 

Nomi Elliott has been in the medical/dental  field since 1995. She is a dental hygienist who graduated from Midlands Technical College and has worked in private practice for 28 yrs. Nomi opened Eutaw Life and Health in Jan 2021 when she realized she wanted to continue to help others with their insurance needs in many areas including life insurance, assistance with Medicare Sign-up / Medicare Advantage plans snd Supplements and helping clients understand all aspects of Medicare. Nomi  is ACA ( American Cares Act ) certified through several carriers to be able to assist individuals and families with health insurance both on and off the exchange. 


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We are a family friendly insurance company. Our goal at Eutaw is to provide families with peace of mind with unexpected events with the right insurance coverage.  We help with Medicare and Health Insurance. Give us a call today!

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